life of the Buddha (Part 1)
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Life of the Buddha

Queen Maha Maya's Dream The Sun of Enlightenment Shines
The Birth of the Prince Seven Weeks After Enlightenment
The Naming Ceremony The First Five Monks
The Prince's Education The Buddha's First Teaching
Prince Siddhartha's Kindness The Serpent King
Prince Siddhartha's Wife Returning Home
The Four Sights : Old Age The Story of Princess Yasodhara
The Four Sights : Sickness The Story of Prince Nanda
The Four Sights :  Death The Story of Prince Rahula
The Four Sights :  A Monks The Two Chief Disciples
The Prince Leaves Home The Story of Poor Sopaka
King Bimbisara's Offer The Story of Lady Patacara
The Buddha's First Teacher Angulimala, The Bandit
Six Years of Searching Wakkali and the Buddha
The Golden Bowl Sunita, The Scavenger
Striving for Enlightenment The Budha and the Sick Monk