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The SanghaDocumentary Photos by Friedrich Reg
1 95
Bhutan, Buddhist Himalayan KingdomVen. S. Dhammika's photographs of Buddhist Bhutan.
1 63
Tibetan Buddhist ThangkasA collection of Thangkas, the 21 Taras and Sacred Symbols.
3 37
Tibetan Buddhist Line ArtA Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Line Drawings.
1 38
Chinese Buddhist ImagesImages of Amithabha and the Bodhisattvas. Modern Chinese Buddhist images; The 18 Lohans.
3 50
Thai Temple Paintings: The Life of the BuddhaA series of Thai temple wall paintings depicting the Buddha's life story.
1 32
Thai Buddhist StatuesA comprehensive collection of photographs of Thai Buddhist Statues.
1 12
The Ten Oxherding PicturesThe Ten Oxherding Pictures relate back to a Ch'an master in the Sung dynasty China, have spiritual roots in the early Buddhist texts.
1 11
The Sacred LotusA collection of photographs of the Sacred Lotus.
1 12

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