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Top rated - Inspiration
08_Inspiration.mp38. Buddha's Soldiers (Songs)703 views55555
(1 votes)
04_Inspiration.mp34. Joy, Peace and Love (Songs)1152 views55555
(1 votes)
03_Inspiration.mp33. All of Mankind (Songs)964 views55555
(1 votes)
01_Inspiration.mp31. Golden Chain Of Love (Songs)1646 viewsThe Buddha is the greatest role model in the history of mankind. As the Exalted One, His boundless love is in comparable to any other. He is the All-knowing One with the ability to communicate even the most complex concept in the universe into simple and easily understood phrases. Endowed with knowledge and virtue, the Buddha reminds us to against perpetrating any unwholesome deeds and encourages us to perform wholesome deeds. With firm morals, the mind can then be set free from all forms of distractions. 44444
(5 votes)
02_Inspiration.mp32. We Are True Disciples (Songs)1020 views44444
(1 votes)
07_Inspiration.mp37. Truth Within You (Songs)747 views33333
(2 votes)
06_Inspiration.mp36. Go Forth With Valiant Heart (Songs)741 views11111
(1 votes)
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