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01_Matrimony.mp31. Blessed Day of Loves's Fulfilment (Songs)1047 viewsThe Buddhist wedding ceremony is an extenuation of the secular wedding ceremony, In the presence of relatives and friends, the bridal couple will seeks blessings from the monks in the nearby Buddhist temple. Such joyous events are typically filled with the chants of blessings, stanzas, singing of Buddhist songs and how to lead a happy and lasting marital life by the presiding Sangha member or elder.55555
(1 votes)
07_Matrimony.mp37. My Home (Songs)764 views55555
(2 votes)
06_Matrimony.mp36. A Buddhist Wedding Song (Songs)1615 views44444
(3 votes)
05_Matrimony.mp35. Happiness (Songs)732 views44444
(2 votes)
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